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Paying Attention on the Golf Course

Bruce Gingrich has served as CEO and owner of Lifechek Drug in Richmond, Texas, for the last 25 years. Outside of work, Bruce Gingrich enjoys staying active by playing golf. A longtime member of the Sweetwater Country Club, he also enjoys traveling and playing on new courses whenever possible.

Golf can be difficult for newcomers not only because of the inherent challenge of putting the ball in the hole but also because for every official rule of the sport, there exists an unspoken article of etiquette players are expected to comply with. This holds especially true for recreational golfers at a club or public course, as their behavior affects all other golfers on the course. For a number of reasons, one of the most important aspects of on-course etiquette involves simply paying attention. First and foremost, vigilant golfers are less likely to be struck by a wayward ball or errant swing. While such injuries are not exceedingly common on a golf course, they do result in some of the most serious injuries in the sport. Keeping one’s eye on the player teeing off while remaining at a safe distance should essentially eliminate all possibilities of this happening.

Pace of play is also important when considering that individual and groups of golfers follow one another along the course. Unobservant golfers who are not ready for their turn at the tee or can’t find their balls in the fairway can cost their group a great deal of time over the course of 18 holes, which can cause problems for groups playing behind at a normal pace. With this in mind, golfers should ready their clubs in advance and always be prepared to step up to the tee or onto the green when their time comes.


License Requirements to Hunt Pheasants in North Dakota

A veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, CEO Bruce Gingrich owns the largest single-owner independent drug store chain in the nation, Lifechek Drug. Away from leading his company, Bruce Gingrich makes time to enjoy personal interests, such as hunting pheasants in Canada and North Dakota.

North Dakota’s 2015 pheasant season commences tentatively on October 10 and runs through the beginning of January. Hunters are allowed to begin hunting male pheasants 30 minutes before sunrise and must hold proper licensing to engage in the activity.

All pheasant hunters are required by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department to obtain a fishing, hunting, and furbearer certificate. Additionally, the department stipulates residents must acquire a small game license, unless under the age of 16, or a combination license.

Out-of-state hunters must have a valid general game and habitat license as well as a nonresident small game license. Nonresidents should take heed that they are not permitted to hunt pheasant on Game and Fish Department wildlife management areas or conservation Private Land Open to Sportsmen (PLOTS) areas between October 10 and 16.

The Greatest Rounds of Golf Ever Played

CEO Bruce Gingrich has owned and run the Lifechek Drug chain of pharmacies for the last 25 years. When he is not overseeing company operations, Bruce Gingrich enjoys playing golf at Sweetwater Country Club in Sugarland, Texas.

In the game of golf, a perfect round is achieved when a player completes all 18 holes at one under par for each hole. On a par 73 course, a perfect round would be scored as a 55, while a 54 would constitute a perfect round on a par 72 course, and so on. To date, no player has ever succeeded in completing a perfect round at a professional tournament. Some have come close. In 2012, Rhein Gibson scored a 55 at the River Oaks Golf Club in Edmond, Oklahoma, a par 71 course. Gibson’s round is generally accepted as the lowest score recorded on a major course and has been documented as such by the Guinness Book of World Records.

As far as professional golf tours are concerned, Ryo Ishikawa’s score of 58 at The Crowns, during the 2010 Japan Golf Tour, is the lowest. He finished the round 12 under par. Fifteen golfers have scored 59 during professional competition, with six of them coming in with scores 13 under par. David Duval achieved this feat in the final round of the 1999 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, one of only three players in the history of the PGA tour to do so, during what many consider to be the finest single round of golf ever played.